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Cattle Grazing at Indian Hills Farm

Cattle Grazing at Indian Hills Farm


In 1984 our dream of owning a farm began  in a picturesque part of Central Texas with rolling hills, wild creeks, and a peaceful  private lake. The farm produces organically grown vegetables and fruits. Some of our wonderful crops include  heirloom tomatoes, Asian cucumbers, figs, pears, lemons, persimmons and pecans.

Indian Hills Farm is also a working cattle ranch specializing in purbred Angus and Angus/Devon cross grass-fed/grass-finished, hormone-free and antibiotic-free beef. We offer these wholesome products, along with Karen’s own Wild Mountain Granola, at local farmers markets and stores in the greater Austin area.

The farm’s special feature is 16-acre fully stocked fishing lake, offering catch and release day fishing.

Fishing Pond

Hope to see you soon!
Hersh, Karen and Lou


1 thought on “About Us

  1. Dear Lyn, thank you for your request. The amount of beef you will receive depends entirely on the size of the steer. The steers that we expect to have ready in the next 60 to 90 days will have a hanging wt of around 500 plus pounds. That would be approx. 125 lbs for a 1/4, 250 for a 1/2. The price is 4.50 lb hanging wt for the half or quarter, 4.25 for a whole steer. We will not know the exact hanging wt until we deliver the steer to the processor and when it is hanging then the weight will be determined. We have standard cuts that we have made, but there is some flexibility in there for you to choose sizes of packaging as well as custom cuts. I hope this helps! Thanks for your interest, Karen

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